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System of The Month! (or so...)

Our latest System Of The Month winner was submitted by Jake in Wayland, MI. Thanks Jake!

jakes system

What makes this combination special is the synergy between the Pharaoh's potent power with refined sound and the Kef LS 50s which welcome the ruling authority the Pharaoh can provide!  Kef LS 50 owners know the characteristics and demands of this speaker and the Pharaoh seems to be voiced perfectly to exercise their strengths.  I feel this combo represents and exceeds the design goals of the product by providing a simple, clean, powerful, reference level reaching solution that is affordable and IS within the reach of most!  Thank you Rogue. Jake
Wayland, MI


*Every month (or thereabouts) we will be choosing a "System of the month" from our customer's submissions. Modest or not, please send us a picture(s) and tell us what makes your system special and why you love it. If your system is chosen you'll win a genuine Rogue Audio hat or other Rogue swag. All submissions will be subject to editing and will be posted with your first name and the city or town where you live.

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