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System of The Month! (or so...)

Jake from Walnut Creek, CA is our latest winner with his simple but very elegant System Of The Month.

Jake's system


I have been collecting vinyl for over 30 years and I have always preferred a simple setup. The base of my stereo system is around my mid century modern Motorola console. The console is really only used for its table functionality but it has served its purpose through more than a few stereo configurations. As for the working equipment, I utilize a Denon DP-1700W Turntable with a DP-1000 Direct Drive motor. My current cartridge is an Ortofon 2M Blue which is paired with ELAC Debut 2.0 floorstanding speakers and ELAC speaker cables. The latest edition to the family is the Rogue Audio Sphinx v3. I chose the Sphinx because of its simplicity, engineering, and the reputation of Rogue Audio as a Company. I take pride in my equipment and I can tell that Rogue Audio takes pride in their products, so it was an easy decision.


*Every month (or thereabouts) we will be choosing a "System of the month" from our customer's submissions. Modest or not, please send us a picture(s) and tell us what makes your system special and why you love it. If your system is chosen you'll win a genuine Rogue Audio hat or other Rogue swag. All submissions will be subject to editing and will be posted with your first name and the city or town where you live.



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