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System of The Month! (or so...)

Bernard from Gastonia, NC is our System Of The Month winner and he has spiced up his listening experience with some really cool decorations. The guitar is a work in progress and will eventually become a clock, while the ravens were hand made from copper.

Bernard system


Rogue guitar

My goal with this system was to buy high value components that were made in the USA and through my research discovered Rogue Audio and the highly regarded Sphinx V3 put in an order for the Sphinx and turned my attention to a great pairing of speakers. My decision was the Magnapan 1.7i after speaking with several owners that also have Rogue equipment.

I think that this combination sounds nothing short of amazing for the money.

Gastonia, North Carolina


*Every month (or thereabouts) we will be choosing a "System of the month" from our customer's submissions. Modest or not, please send us a picture(s) and tell us what makes your system special and why you love it. If your system is chosen you'll win a genuine Rogue Audio hat or other Rogue swag. All submissions will be subject to editing and will be posted with your first name and the city or town where you live.



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