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System of The Month! (or so...)

Our System Of The Month winner is actually two systems submitted by Tim from beautiful Portland, Maine. The first is his main system in the "listening room" and the second is the family room.

Tim 1

Tim -2

It was clear to me after I recently purchased my Atlas Magnum III that I had to share my experience with Rogue gear.

I've been bouncing around with different amps, speakers - you name it - for the last few years.  I bought my RP-5 preamp about six months ago and instantly fell in love with it.  What a great marriage of new with old.  I had it paired with a solid-state amp, and by all accounts it was fantastic, but something was still missing.  I've had a few low-powered tube amps, and while I love my little DIY SET amp that I built, it's usefulness in a larger room is limited (makes for a great amp in our bedroom, though!). 

Finally, I decided to pull the trigger on the Atlas Magnum III.  I love the way it looks and now with its new features and upgrades with version III, I just had to try it.  WOW.  It has brought new life to my Heresy's and all the music that plays through them.  Everything I listen to has more body, soul, and lifelike presentation. Not only am I floored, but my wife agrees 100% - and the first thing she said when she saw it hooked up was "That's gorgeous".

But maybe the most important aspect is that not only is my system something I find beautiful to look at, and not only does it sound absolutely amazing with everything from bluegrass to EDM to movies to pipe organ, but that there is a sense of pride in owning gear that's made right here in the US by skilled craftsmen.

If this all wasn't enough, I also have a Sphinx v2 in the family room.  The draw of that is it is easy for my wife and 11-year-old daughter to use as well; it's bulletproof but still has some of that tube goodness baked in.  My daughter has helped me roll tubes in it and is comfortable operating the amp and even playing records.  Hopefully I've spoiled her with what good sound is like and she'll carry that through her life.

Here's a list of what's in each system:

Listening Room:
- Rogue RP-5 preamp
- Rogue Atlas Magnum III poweramp
- Klipsch Heresy III speakers
- Dual SVS SB-2000 Pro subs
- MoFi StudioDeck Turntable with UltraTracker cart
- Schiit Gungnir Multibit DAC
- Mac Mini running Linux with Roon Bridge
- Cambridge CXC CD Transport

Family Room:
- Rogue Sphinx v2
- U-Turn Orbit Turntable with Sumiko Rainer cart
- Schiit Modius DAC
- Mac Mini running Linux with Roon Bridge
- Tekton Lore Beryllium speakers

South Portland, Maine


*Every month (or thereabouts) we will be choosing a "System of the month" from our customer's submissions. Modest or not, please send us a picture(s) and tell us what makes your system special and why you love it. If your system is chosen you'll win a genuine Rogue Audio hat or other Rogue swag. All submissions will be subject to editing and will be posted with your first name and the city or town where you live.



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